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About Us

You need a mix of banking, financial and technology professionals that have significant experience and a proven track record for performance. This requires a group that has worked in the trenches, understands your perspective and knows how to implement change.
Lighthouse-NBSThe NBS Group is a full service firm with the expertise and commitment to bring your institution to its maximum performance level. We have worked in the field providing consulting, advisory, technology, organizational, regulatory, operational efficiency and project management services to community banks and credit unions.Tom

We’ve been in your shoes, faced the same challenges you face, and we’ve come through it all successfully. Learn more…

The NBS Group was founded by Tom Grottke, a Chicago transplant who moved to New England to play hockey at UConn, married a local girl, and settled in Hartford to start a family and make a career. Following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and siblings, he became a CPA and began working with local community-based financial institutions across the Northeast. Over time, he came to love the work and founded his own company – populating it with the people he thought best equipped to serve the local market.

Today, Tom is a valued advisor to CEOs and boards throughout the region and The NBS Group is a premier provider of management consulting to the financial industry. Tom, along with his partner Mark Shaw, and his hand-picked staff can be depended on to bring the right solutions for regional and community-based financial institutions. Learn more about our vision…