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Stephen J. Angell, Esq.

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Stephen is an experienced and accomplished c-suite leader who has provided advice, counsel and support to senior managers and boards at community banks and credit unions for over fifteen years.  In addition, he has served in the c-suite as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and General Counsel (GC).  His unique combination of vision and technical knowledge has been shaped by his experience in the areas of strategic business planning; organizational management; operational analysis; balance sheet management; quality control; compliance and regulation; government relations; enterprise risk management; lending administration (commercial and consumer); information technology; product development, branding and marketing; legal matters (administrative, transactional and litigation) touching all aspects of financial services administration including mergers and acquisitions.

Stephen has served as a CEO and COO both in the c-suite and on an out-sourced basis.  In these capacities, he had primary responsibility for, and direct oversight of strategic planning, information security (including vulnerability testing), vendor management, internal audits, risk and compliance, lending operations, retail operations, physical plant, public relations/marketing, human resources and the conduct of regulatory examinations. He has led project management teams in core data system conversions and in the development and implementation of a virtual banking platform.  In all these areas of responsibility, Stephen was the architect, author and presenter of reporting (oral and written) to regulators, board of directors, board committees, insurers, vendors, other managers and all other stakeholders.

 As a CRO, Stephen’s experience runs deep in every aspect of risk and compliance administration.  His extensive background in law, regulation and banking has informed internal policies and procedures penned by him as well as project management systems which he has authored and/or administered in enterprise risk management, BSA/AML/OFAC, information and cyber security, vendor management, information technology, business continuity, internal and external auditing, and all attendant training programs. 

As in-house GC, and on an out-sourced basis in private practice, Stephen has provided legal advice, counsel, administrative supervision, and direction to the following constituencies within banks and credit unions: boards of directors; senior managers; lending departments; workout groups, and human resources.  Regularly interacting and corresponding with insurers and regulators, he has guided organizations through a varied regulatory thicket that includes responding to regulatory examinations, charter revisions, by-law changes, as well as mergers and acquisitions. In addition, he has provided legal expertise to banks and credit unions in the areas of corporate governance, asset/liability management, loan portfolio sales and acquisition, risk, compliance, vendor management, contracts, negotiation, lending (commercial and consumer with particular expertise in indirect lending), troubled assets, and human resources.      

At NBS, Stephen is in-house counsel and an executive managing director specializing in regulatory affairs, corporate governance, strategic planning, loan program development and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise risk management, as well as the acquisition and sale of loan portfolios. 

Stephen is a practicing attorney admitted to practice in several jurisdictions in the northeastern United States and he is admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  Stephen has also been elected or appointed to serve on numerous public bodies and private boards, having chaired four of them. His philanthropic pursuits include membership as a lifetime fellow of the Rhode Island Bar Foundation, serving as a board member of Special Olympics Rhode Island and a member the Rhode Island Interscholastic League Finance Committee.  Stephen was graduated from Western New England University and Providence College where he was awarded the degrees of Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts in Economics, respectively.  He resides in Rhode Island.